Bama miniature pig(Xiangzhu)

Bama miniature pig is originally produced in famous longevity villages Bama Yao autonomous county, GuangXi.

Bama miniature pig derived from the wild pig ,the pigs is Free-Range, they take the leaf, the fruit and vegetable as the food; spring water from mountains is their drink.


the pigs is Free-Range


Since it smells good and tastes delicious, the outcomers call it “fragrant pig”,he local people call it “special jade”,  “white gourd pig”, “two black ends”and Xiangzhu(chinese name)


Miniature pig is world-famous for its fresh taste and rich fragrance,for its thin skin and lean meat, as well as especially fragrant taste,and there is no milk smell or other peculiar smells for sucking pigs and piglets, which is the point any other pig breed can’t be compared with it.


The delicious pork


Bama miniature pig is possessed of good qualities of high content of protein,rich in amino acids , Ca, and P, and trace elements needed by human body, as well as of low fat and heat.



In addition, Bama miniature pig contain the rich peculiar unsaturated fatty acid ,help to increase in the number of anti-inflammatory endothelial cells to synthesiz, reduce platelet formation of thromboxane A2,have powerful inhibition effects to Neovascularization so can prophylactic thrombosis ,Eating it often can make you healthy and beautiful,in the meantime has better effect on cardiovascular disease prevention,extremely suitable for making food for the old people.

Today, bama Miniature pig ranks as one of the world’s smallest pig,Some people keep the miniature pig as pets.


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